A Personal Matter

It is time for a personal matter to go public.

I’m sorry to have to say that this blog is closing.
It has become impossible for me to continue traveling to dance performances while having to work at another job to support myself.
Many thanks to the readers – your support was hugely encouraging!
The site will remain on-line for a while.

Ilona Landgraf
25 February 2018

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Very sorry to read this. But I understand it completely.

So sorry to hear/read this.
Best wishes !

I am very sorry to hear of this development. As someone whose curiosity far outreaches my travel budget I absolutely understand your predicament, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your reports about dance events I will never see. Many thanks for the work you’ve put into this project — I hope that dance is still a big part of your life, even if we won’t be able to read about it.