Work Ethics

The Australian Ballet
Southbank/Victoria, Australia
December 2023

by Ilona Landgraf
Copyright © 2023 by Ilona Landgraf

It’s no secret that the country of Germany is in descent. Of the various aspects that add to the misery, one is that work has lost its intrinsic value in many classes of German society. Matters are different in the ballet world though. The Australian Ballet, for example, delivered high quality throughout the year. Earlier this December, the company’s artistic director, David Hallberg, honored the achievements of his dancers. In a sweeping series of promotions, sixteen dancers climbed the ranks. Their joy was infectious. Each promotee knows that a higher rank bestows higher expectations, and each one seemed to wholeheartedly embrace the new challenge.

The newest coryphées are Sara Andrlon, Saranja Crowe, Hugo Dumapit, Adam Elmes, Evie Ferris, Lilla Harvey, Larissa Kiyoto-Ward, and Montana Rubin.

Five dancers were promoted to soloists: Misha Bardidjija, Cameron Holmes, Katherine Sonnekus, Aya Watanabe, and Maxim Zenin.
Yuumi Yamada was promoted to the rank of senior artist.

Two special promotions were made on the stage of the Sydney Opera House after the evening performance of “Swan Lake” on December 16th. Marcus Morelli, who had danced the role of Prince Siegfried, was promoted to principal artist. His surprise is poignant to watch. Likewise unsuspecting was the evening’s Odette/Odile – Jill Ogai. She too was promoted to principal artist.

Each promotion was met with genuine cheers by the company. The work ethic and the camaraderie of the company are exemplary.

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Editing: Kayla Kauffmann


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